Project Development Group

Final Year Project Guidance

Terms and conditions

  • Registration fees: - Rs. 10,000/- . In case of emergency, Rs. 1,000/- at registration-time & remaining Rs.9000/- within 8 days. If amount is not paid within time, registration will be cancelled without refund.
  • 10% discount on one time payment.
  • Second installment of Rs. 15,000/- should be paid at start of 2nd semester if not paid, then your project development process will be stopped & project may be delayed.
  • Last installment will be of Rs. 5,000/-* at time of deployment (amount may increase for any extra work).
  • If registration is done after January then one has to pay full amount.
  • If you want project in :-
    • Feb :- extra 30%
    • Mar(1st week):- extra 20%
    • April :- No extra charges
  • Theory based project training will be given in 1st semester (optional).
  • Referral person will get java certificate worth of Rs.1,000/- free for 1st group & 2nd group onwards Rs:- 500 off per group (referral policy may be changed as per management decision ).
  • You will have to come to office as per schedule .It will not be altered in any case.
  • To make any modification in project, you have to inform us before 2 months of submission.
  • All communication should be strictly through portal or e-mail at
  • Appointment should be taken before coming to office , otherwise you will not be entertained.
  • On the spot charges will not be considered i.e. in last month (read term no. 9).
  • Extra components (hardware or software) required for your project compatibility should be provided by your side or project cost may be increase.
  • Any kind of intermediate decision made by our authority member will be mandatory to all of the project members.
  • Any kind of software, hardware piracy or reselling of project is not allowed at any circumstances.
  • I am giving this project to Project Development Group for further guidance as I have some technical issues in it. Whatever payment terms define by Project Development Group is agreed by us.
  • I have read all terms & conditions and I agree for it.
Payment Policies
  • Project cost:- 30,000/-
  • Java classes
  • Java notes
  • In April one online exam, passing criteria 60% , if 3 students passed then they will get sponsorship letter. Exam can be given two times.
  • Placement help will be giving for that Charges Rs. 1000per member.
  • Placement online exam will be conducted for java certification .
    • Passing criteria 70%.
    • Certification fees Rs. 1000/- per member..
    • Exam allowed giving 2 times.
  • Will publish your paper in journal.
  • PDG T-shirt with name of project.
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