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About Project Development Group


Project Development Group was set up in 2012 with an aim to establish itself among leading Global Project Providers. On road to the vision, the company has already emerged among India's fastest growing organizations that provide quality projects along with complete project guidance and training. The company motto "Your Destination For Perfection" reflects our dedication towards serving our clients. At Net Creative Mind, everything else takes back stage when client satisfaction comes into consideration.

We are one of the best project provider company and offer one stop shop for your entire requirements from designing, to development, project guidance & project training up to deployment. This in turn help students to completely understand the project concept along with the strong technical skills.

Project Development Group is a diversified global project development company that gives both offshore and onshore technological solutions to business enterprises around the world. We have three branches. Main branch is located at Pune and two others are at Ahmednagar and Nashik respectively. Project Development Group has proven expertise in encompassing low cost, but high quality and reliable project providers

Project Development Group believes in giving complete knowledge of technology and helps in development of projects in such way that students themselves become confident about their project topic which built ups their confidence and ultimately results in good project presentation , And finally with good scores in results. We balance project duration and project development efforts to suit your college needs.

Our Mission


Become the most respected project providers based on content and technology
We, at Project Development Group, believe in blending learning styles from the past with advanced technology available today, to create projects that inspires the senses and imagination. Our motto is to make the technology simple and more efficient so that every person on the globe can easily access the technology.

We currently have three branches but have a vision to open new branches at maximum possible locations for the ease of students. This will not only help the students with good and efficient projects but also reduce their efforts to go in search of projects which will save their time. We look forward to providing most efficient and quality projects in running condition to help students in their project development, which in turn will make Project Development Group a top most project provider.

How We Work


We provide projects to students with full flexibility i.e. students can choose any topic from our website or can come up with any new idea and we will help to build the entire project. The process of project development that we follow is like this - first you need to register with us with one topic of your choice, once the topic is final then in first semester you will be given basic java training, this training will give you knowledge of all basic concepts required for project development.

After that you will be given schedule for developing your project i.e your project is first divided into no. of modules. Then you will be given documentation for your 1st module of project and you need to try to develop from your end within specified time. After that you may clear your doubts through portal provided to you. Then we will give you first developed module along with documentation of second module and the process will continue till last module. This will help to completely understand your project and complete knowledge of code. This process helps you to present your project in college in stages which will give a different impact on your project guide.

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